The business landscape is forever changing, and businesses must keep up with the pace. Businesses are now opting for cloud-based solutions to handle all their requirements. Cloud service providers in South Africa now have a large influence on how the modern business manages their IT needs.

Our cloud server hosting environment is fast and secure. Additionally, making use of a virtual server greatly reduces capital costs and improves accessibility. The only thing you need to access your data stored on the cloud is a stable internet connection. You can access your computing resources on a variety of devices. The move towards cloud computing environments is greatly diminishing the need for powerful local hardware as all the power you could ever need is accessible virtually through the cloud.

At Alphatronics InIT Solutions, we aid our clients in the migration from on-site IT solutions to a cloud-based environment in South Africa. We have invested in highly qualified staff and powerful utilities, enabling us to guarantee a smooth and efficient migration process.

Our support team is experienced and always available, you can call us during office hours or log a support ticket for after-hour queries.

With all your data and information stored on the cloud you don’t have to worry about backups we handle all of your data protection with backups stored offsite.

We understand that as cloud service providers are at the cutting edge of IT solutions and because of our position we believe it’s our responsibility to offer cost-effective solutions to our clients.